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Methadone Treatment Program

Opioid addiction is a serious well being concern with repercussions for the individual patient as well as the entire community. Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) is acknowledged globally as among the most successful treatments for opioid dependency.

What is methadone? How does it work?

Methadone is a useful and legal alternate for opioid drugs such as codeine, heroin, morphine, hydromorphone and oxycodone. It eradicates or lessens cravings, without causing a person to get hyper. If you are dependent on opioid drugs you can consume methadone to help alleviate your life and trim down the harm correlated to your drug use. It has been used in healing programs since the early 1960s.

Is methadone treatment good for you?

If you have been using opioid drugs for no less than a year, and you have come to a conclusion where you know you can’t go on using, but can’t seem to discontinue, methadone treatment may be right for you.

How long will you have to continue methadone treatment program?

There is no precise length of time you will have to continue methadone treatment. The program is a long term therapy, with most people staying on it for more than a few years.

Will you have to go to rehabilitation and psychotherapy?

Healing is an imperative part of your treatment. There is a prospect that you attend a methadone support group through the series of methadone treatment program once a week for the initial 12 weeks. Other individual or group rehabilitation or counseling may be suggested.

Is there a hang around time to get into such a healing program?

There is usually a wait time to get into the course. Depending on your condition, there may be no hang around time if it is medically critical.