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Meds Check Program

The Meds Check program was initially launched in 2007 for Ontarians taking a bare minimum of three medications for an unremitting condition. At the moment, the program is also obtainable to residents of licensed and enduring care homes, citizens living with diabetes, and home-bound folks unable to visit the pharmacy in their vicinity – helping pharmacists get in touch with even more people.

The Meds Check medication evaluation provides a chance for pharmacists to meet face-to-face with patients, helping them to spot and resolve general drug or prescription related issues in order to get the most advantage from their medication.

The Meds Check program at present includes the following types of sessions:

Meds Check Annual: To be qualified for this program, a patient must have a legitimate Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card and take three or additional recommendation or prescriptions for chronic well being conditions.

Meds Check for Diabetes: A yearly Meds Check for Ontarians identified with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and taking medicine for their conditions. Patients are also entitled for manifold follow-up Meds Check consultations all through the year in order to prop up patient monitoring, diabetes device training and learning.

Meds Check Long-Term Care: Ontario inhabitants of a licensed long-term care (LTC) home are qualified for a twelve-monthly, exhaustively interdisciplinary medication evaluation and quarterly drug reviews. The annual review may reinstate one quarterly review. Both reviews are to be carried out in the LTC home by the pharmacist.