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Daily and Weekly Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging – A Dose of Convenience and Safety

Blister packaging is a reasonably priced option for creating packages that are hard-wearing, translucent, and tamper proof. These transparent plastic blister packs are generally used in combination of a cardboard blister card to keep the product in full sight for the customer to look at.

The customary packaging solution for solid dose products including caplets, tablets, capsules and gel caps is anything but standard at Riverview Pharmacy & Medical Center. Our skilled packaging team provides tailored blister packaging options to meet your unambiguous needs and also completes the assignment with cartons and inserts customized to give your brand the necessary thump.

With a full gamut of material potential, we can engineer push-through, peel-only and peel-push foil treatments that support your severe specifications.

Make contact with us so we can let you know more about how our full service daily and weekly blister packaging services and quality systems are driven by your requirement to make certain customers’ safety.