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Compounding Pharmacy

Let us talk about the art and science of compounding pharmacy!

Compounding pharmacy is all about preparing tailored medications designed to go well with every patient’s individual and exclusive needs.

Is Compounding Pharmacy Beneficial?

Compounding is advantageous to every one of us because of the fact that the prescription is planned exclusively to suit your personal needs or preferences in terms of taking drugs. Whether it be the reality that; you can’t gulp down pills, that the drug you need is unavailable in the dose that you necessitate, that the drug you require is no longer obtainable from the maker, or even the fact that you are sensitive to certain chemical dyes, preservatives or elements found in commercially available medicines. At Riverview Pharmacy & Medical Center we can deal with all of these troubles and many more by specifically compounding your prescription just for you.

Prescriptions Can Be Compounded… Learn More

We diagnose every patient with utmost care and proficiency and prepare the prescription as per his or her needs. For your knowledge, we can say that almost every prescription can be compounded into customized formulation… just for you!

Some of the compounding examples we can carry out are:

  • Oral Suspensions
  • Lip Healing Balms
  • Pain Killers
  • Capsules
  • Pediatric Formulations
  • Discontinued Specializations
  • Respiratory Problem Healing Drugs
  • Topical Dosage Forms
  • Preservative Free Formulations
  • Dietary Supplements

Compounding is successfully done in pain management and pediatric treatment

Are you suffering from neuropathic pain, arthritis or sports injuries? Consult our pharmacists who are specialized in medicine compounding and get you healed without any side-effects of pain killers that generally occur to most of us. Say good bye to GI irritations, headache and nausea. We understand the exact dose to be prescribed so that you avert ill effects of certain medicines.

Children are susceptible to chemical compositions of certain pain killers and anti-biotic drugs. We realize this and prescribe the perfect compounded drugs so that they keep smiling even they are under strict medication. This is what we call sheer magic of compounding process.

All our compounded drugs are inspected by state boards of pharmacy. This is to ensure you get the most superlative drugs and get healed as quickly as possible. We care for your well being!