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welcome to riverview pharmacy & medical center

We are Ottawa’s premier pharmacy solely dedicated to serve people for more than 35 years and treat them with great respect. Our family doctors and pharmacists are courteous, friendly, experienced and understand every need of patients. All our staffs are certified and licensed. Our walk-in clinic has pediatric and asthma centers for those who need special care.

Located in the heart of Ottawa, we are contented to help you all 365 days a year. We guarantee that your personal health issues are taken care of with care and urgency so that you don’t have to suffer for long days. Visit Riverview Pharmacy and Medical Center and return with a smile on your face. Our mission is to help you bid adieu to all sorts of ailment!


We are the only pharmacy in Ottawa that cares for patients of all ages. Our experienced pediatricians are known to diagnose and prescribe medicines most suitable for your kids. Visit us for flu shots or overall health check-ups of your children. Our asthma center is specially designed to diagnose the disease with updated medical equipment and apparatus. Our unrivaled medical support is our trademark!

Our Ottawa pharmacy has everything you require as well as outstanding pharmacy suggestion and an individual approach to your health care requirements. To get appointment do call us at 613-737-6400 or shoot an email at


Compounding pharmacy is designed to meet up every individual’s need. At our Ottawa pharmacy we have dedicated section to take care compounding pharmacy.

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Join Our Team

We are always looking to add family physicians as well as specialists from various fields to join our current team of family doctors . All inquiries are welcome. For medical graduates who completed their medical education outside of Canada; we do provide supervision on a case by case basis.

online appointment

“Our convenient online booking that allows you to schedule your next appointment through our website, and then receive confirmation of your appointment time in your email Inbox as soon as our team approves your request. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to organize your health care through your home computer or smartphone!”


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Providing immediate care for:

  • Allergy Symptoms of Nose and Eyes
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Check
  • Bug Bites, Poison IVY, Eczema, Psoriasis and Mild Sunburn
  • Cold Sores or Cankers on face, mouth or lips
  • Cold, Infection and Flu like symptoms
  • Ear Infection

About Our Pharmacy

We have 5 family physicians, 2 specialists on staff with Canadian and International clinical experience in specialties including: internal medicine and pediatrics.

What Our Client Say

“One of the cleanest walk in clinics I have ever visited. Good atmosphere”

“I am thankful to Riverview Pharmacy for offering me the best pharma help. They offered me the best treatment possible for the disease that I was suffering from. They have experienced family doctor in their pharmacy.”

“My son was suffering from fever for a long period of time. Thanks to Riverview Pharmacy and the experienced family doctors out there, who took care of my son and treated him well.”